Yeddy takes R. Ashok task for his attitude

9:13 PM, Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
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R Ashok Yeddyurappa

Bangalore : Riding on a popular celebration on his return home on bail from state Central Jail, former CM Yeddyurappa was irked to see Home Transport minister R. Ashok among his followers at Race Course Road residence on Tuesday  night, and turned hot.  “I know where you parted , when I went to jail 3 weeks ago! New have you come here to show sympathy towards me? Kumaraswamy that way is for letter than you. New please clear out! ‘ Yeddy shouted to the unwanted / uninvited guest, to tarn him out in front of large Crowds .

Ashok had sided with Jagdish Shettar against DVS Gowda earlier.

“Sorry sir, but some one has fed you lies. I have done nothing wrong”, Minister  R. Ashok (a one time close companion)replied to Yeddys, rebukes, by way of explanation.

But Yeddy turned  more indignant then ever. With his audacity to talk and whiplashed Ashok, saying ,’’I gave you. Home and Transport portfolios which are guite in fluential. Give me your explanation, as to where you were, and what you did, when I was in prison!”. There was a pause. Then again, “did you Hey, ask Eshwarappa to issue notice to those who did not attend Advani’s Bangalore meeting?” Yeddy asked Ashok R furiously.

R. Ashok(the ex-prince)stood u folding his hands and then disappeared in the avenue outside Yeddy’s bungalow, with his face blackened and gait sick.


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