Final report released for Bajpe Boeing crash of 22-05-2010

1:35 PM, Saturday, February 18th, 2012
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Air-CrassNew Delhi/Mangalore : Remember Bajpe Air India Boeing (from Dubai) landing in Bajpe in May 2010, only to crash and kill 158 persons aboard? The final report on this ugly event, ending in a total tragedy for many families, was made public on Friday, to clear misgivings in public mind for ever 18 months, with investigators blaming the English captain and pilot Z. Glusica for failing to do his duty in an ‘unstabilised’ approach!

Air-CrashThe Enquiry panel was headed by former Vice-chief of Air Staff, AM Bhushan N. Gokhale who found that Glusica ignored 3 calls of Co-pilot Ahuluvalia, and other warnings. These finding were given out in October. 2010 but put on website on February 17, 2012 for all to see.

Air-CrashThe final touch down of aircraft was about 5,200 feet from the start of Runway 24, but left only 2800 feet, to the end of paved surface. The Boeing over –run the length, fell in to a gorge, and caught fire, with a broken wing.

The report urged the setting up of an independent civil aviation safety Board, to avoid any such tragic incidents and mass deaths in a “table-top” airport like Bajpe.

The final compensation is still not paid in many cases in this incident.


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