Bought drugs with Vijender Singh, boxer allegedly says

4:39 PM, Saturday, March 9th, 2013
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Anup Singh KahlonChandigarh : The drug dealer Anup Singh who was arrested in Punjab with drugs worth over Rs. 130 crores found in his home tried to slash his wrists in jail last evening.

Sources who have interrogated him say that he met at least four times with boxer Vijender Singh, who won India its first boxing Olympic medal in 2008.  

Vijender’s close friend and national-level boxer Ram Singh has told the police that the pair bought drugs from Anup Singh, say police sources. Ram Singh allegedly said that neither Vijender nor he were habitual users.

Vijender’s wife’s car was parked at the alleged drug dealer’s home when he was arrested.  

He told yesterday that a friend had borrowed the car while he was traveling.

Vijender denied ever using drugs.

“After the initial probe it appears there is no link of the boxer with the person from whose house the heroin was seized. If needed we may call Vijender for questioning. But at present there is nothing in connection with Vijender,” Fathegarh Sahib SSP Hardyal Singh Mann has told reporters yesterday.



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