Indian Airport Authority approves to extend taxiway in MIA

3:13 PM, Saturday, July 16th, 2016

TaxyMangaluru: Indian Airport Authority has approved the proposal to extend taxiway at mangaluru International Airport (MIA). The cost of the project is assumed as Rs 106 crore.

The present taxiway is a length of 1200 metres and width of 23 metres; still two months are remaining for the completion of this taxiway. After the completion of newer taxiway the length will be extended to 2400 metres.

Rs 40 crore will be the cost for the first phase of the construction and in second phase a huge valet is needed to be buried with the cost of Rs 35 crore.

It is said that the work will commence from next January and it might end by the year end.


The track which connects runway and parking of the flight is called as taxiway.

MIA Director J T Radhakrishna has said that the additional taxiway will save the time of the flights, as the arrival and departure will be done quickly.

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