Inhuman family and the Samaritans of HRS

2:54 PM, Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Mangalore : A head of a family was thrown out of his house and had to live in an open room near Nellikai Road in Bunder area, for several days without food. But there are do-gooders or Samaritans (as Bible calls them) to save such neglected lot from harm and bring harmony in their lives.
Members of a Humanitarian Relief Society (HRS), a services wing of Jamaat-e-Islam-i-Hind noticed the helpless old man, Sundar Shetty (68) on Monday and gave him a small room in the heart of the port city, with two pieces of clothing on him.
He told helpers that he belonged to ‘Hosamane; in Punaroor, Kinnigoli, and had 4 children and wife who threw him out of his own house for reasons known only to him (undisclosed). He was a cook in hotels of Mumbai, Hubli and Dharwad for 31 years. He was only drinking water since a fortnight. He would not enter a hospital. He revealed that Hari Krishna Punaroor was his neighbour. Three Muslim members of HRS have admitted him in Govt Wenlock Hospital to regain health in the Monsoon, on July 28, today.
The condition of Shetty’s health, is better now. Dr. Ismail, Honorary Medical Officer of Wenlock Hospital, is supervising his treatment.
Dr. Ismail revealed that Shetty was suffering from Malaria and lack of food had weakened him.
HRS Members Muhammad Siddique, Jakribettu, Muhammad Muhsin and Abdul Kareem were present.

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