Jackfruit products should reach commercial markets: K N Krishna Bhat

9:17 PM, Friday, July 8th, 2016

Jack fruit Badiyadka: Traditional food items should enter into the market, so that the present generation can taste it said Badiyadka Grama Panchayat President K N Krishna Bhat.

After inaugurating Kutumbashree CDC committee and self help group’s jackfruit mela he said that jackfruit can be used in many ways.

“Jackfruit can mint money for us if it is used in a commercial way. A proper marketing is needed for this. We should work in order to bring the jackfruit products in commercial markets. Badiyadka Grama Panchayat will discuss this matter in next meeting,” he said.

Jackfruit mixture was the main attraction of the mela. Nearly 22 groups have taken part in the programme.

Jackfruit halwa, ksheera, sonte, appam, killi and many products were sold out in a single day.

Krishna Bhat have decided to organize the same programme again in two weeks.

Grama Panchayat Vice-President Saibunnisa Mohiuddeen kuuti and others were present.

Jack fruit


Jack fruit


Jack fruit


Jack fruit

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