Janata Pariwar will come together to play opposition role : Deve Gowda

12:13 AM, Friday, December 26th, 2014

Deve GowdaUdupi : Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should lay emphasis on development, rather than involving in the religious conversion controversy.

Speaking to media persons here on Thursday, Deve Gowda said that Modi has come to power with the agenda of development and hence he should concentrate on development of the nation alone, instead of fueling the controversial conversion issue.

Modi has been promoting the nation in the name of development during his tours to other countries. In this backdrop, he should be responsible enough, not to support any sort of negative image, which is masked with disharmony and chaos.

“The other nations that are looking towards India with the impression aiding development, may withdraw, if they make out that the nation is filled with unnecessary controversies involving religion and internal disharmony. These issues would end up in decreasing reverence and values against India among different compatriots,” he said.

Emphasising over the formation of ‘Janata Pariwar,’ the former PM said that nation needs a strong opposition in the backdrop of the national party failing to receive adequate number of seats to be eligible for the role of opposition.

As the Speaker has not accepted the Congress party in the role of opposition, the effective functioning of democracy is possible only with the responsible and eligible opposition, to curtail and censure the aristocratic measures of the ruling party.

The former PM opined that in order to fill the vacuum, the old buddies that joined hands as Janata Party once upon a time would once again come together to play the role of effective opposition. The responsibility of forming the effective opposition is entrusted on Samajvadi Party supremo Mulyam Singh Yadav.

A meeting was held on December 22 at Delhi. However, the formation process is in the initial phase and Janata Pariwar would be strengthened in the days to come. All secular parties that are not involved with the ruling party would play major role by taking over constructive position. These parties would play a crucial role in the winter session of the Parliament. He declined any proposal towards forming the third front.

Stating that the government should deliberate over the definition of mismanaged mutts, before embarking upon any decision, Deve Gowda said that the concept of mismanaged mutts itself seems to be a dilemma. The confusion is how to clarify the definition of mismanaged mutts. It is the devotees who decide over the mutts and the mismanagement.

The State government should take serious deliberations before indulging into superfluous issues. However, there is nothing to comment, as the Congress High Command has issued the direction to the government to withdraw the ordinance to take over the mismanaged mutts.

He added that the minister Anjaneya should be ave with respect to the position he adorns. He was referring to the remarks made by the minister over Bharat Ratna award. He lauded the government decision to confer Bharat Ratna on former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. He said Vajpayee is a true statesman.

The former Prime Minister took part in the centenary celebrations of Majlis-e-Islah Wa Tanzeem, a leading social and religious organisation in Bhatkal held at the YMSA grounds in Bhatkal prior to his visit to the temple town. DHNS

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