9:05 PM, Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

“Karyasthan” is Dileep’s 100th film in Malayalam

KaryasthanIt could be Malayalee film hero Dileep’s one hundredth film, but it is also a rehash of a hundred films written on family quarrels created by the pens of Siby and Udaykrishna together.
Dileep plays the Karyasthan (middleman) who tries to bring about harmony between the two warring neighbours ( Madhu and  GK Pillai). A giant wall separates  the two big families.
The old lions keep roaring till it hurts. The women at home are happy with Onam and Pookalam celebrations, and stay in the background, when the two giants and their sons keep shouting at each other for lack of tolerance.
There is a villain who confesses to a murder plot towards the end, to bring the neighbours together. The hero does all the fighting against the villain, while extending love to the heroine (Akila) who makes a decent entry with charming looks. Music is average. The 100th film of Dileep is an ordinary film. Suraj brings  giggles. Dileep has to create a new role  to endear and survive in a race in his field.

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