Kundapur areas under tension but Samajotsava set for Monday

9:02 PM, Monday, December 13th, 2010

Hindu Samajotsava KundapurKundapur: When a bike rally was organised as a part of Hindu Community Festival celebrations, stones were pelted on Sunday by some Muslim miscreants, giving rise to communal tension in Kundapura on the eve of actual happening of the larger event.
The rally had started from Kodi and reached Shastri circle at 1 pm as retaliation prevailed. Miscreants burnt a Honda Vehicle and damaged shops / houses around. There was tension in Gangolly town as well as at kandlur.
SP Praveen Pawar rushed to the spot with armed squads and brought the burning / damaging incidents under control. Those injured by pelted stones were admitted to local hospitals. 14 persons including 3 Kundapur citizens, were taken into custody, on Sunday, the police stated.
The events were forecast on Saturday in Kandlur, when banners / posters related to Hindu Social Festival, were torn, or pulled down by some anti –socials, leading to social tensions and gossip.
The Festival is set for today in Kundapura as usual, according to MLA Laxminarayana and other leaders.

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