Leftist leaders protest over another price rise in petrol products

6:46 PM, Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

CPI (M) protestMangalore: The CPI (M) which has been decimated by recent election in West Bengal and Kerala mainly and in other states generally put up a protest demonstration at the DCO gates on Tuesday against ruling UPA in Delhi (in which it does not get involved) and the state of Karnataka (where its sworn enemy BJP is wallowing in corruption and fighting the state governor for recommending President’s rule in Bangalore.
CPI (M) protestThe protest was today over price rises announced on petrol and diesel and over the Center’s inability to control soaring prices in market on essential daily needs.
CPI (M) protestThe main speaker of the day, B. Madhava accused the Centre of high level of corruption in many areas of public service, and its non-functioning of Public Distribution System (bogus ration cards included) due to which common people suffered immensely, in spite of a warning issued from Supreme Court that no one should die of hunger in India, when food stocks are available in plenty in state godowns, this year.
CPI (M) protestBM Madhava pointed out that this was not the first time nor would it be last that the cooking gas, kerosene, petrol and diesel prices are raised, every now and then, there by affecting public transport systems, home cooking and private vehicular use in emergency situations of going to a hospital or to a function.
CPI (M) protestThe same govt. which ignores the poor and the need y, goes to serve corporate bodies which earn large profits year by year. The politicians in Delhi and Bangalore look to their own selfish ends, and never think of putting commoners at ease, he charged. He said his Party would continue to serve poor sections of the society, in spite of tasting reverses at the polls. He hoped that the new govts., come to power in states would stand by poor, hungry, downtrodden and helpless people.
CPI (M) protestThe protest meeting was held at DCO gates only when a new DC has taken over charge, only on Monday. Leftist leaders Sanjiva, Vasant Achary, Prabhakar Rao, Satish Kumar, Vasudeva and Sunil Bajal were present on the occasion.

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