Lokayukta raises objection against state govt wrongs

8:36 PM, Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

N.-Santosh-HegdeBangalore: Where there is already an enquiry which has been ordered by Lokayukta, where was the need to bring in a retired Judge for another such enquiry (by Justice Padmaraj), Lokayukta has asked the state govt on Tuesday. The JD(S) had complained to the Lokayukta on scandals relating to Land –grabbing by BJP leaders in the govt and the party. An enquiry was on, Justice N. Santosh Hegde told the govt.
But suddenly, the CM is appointing another retired Judge for such enquiry, when he himself  (CM) is the accused in some land deals. How can Law accept this, he asked in a voice of dissatisfaction. He denied any knowledge on a second enquiry by the state govt, when the CM is at the eye of the storm raised in land grabs / scandals.
The Lokayukta, seeing the hurdle placed before him by the main accused, wanted to consult legal experts, before proceeding in the uneven land before him. It was obvious that he should have been consulted before appointing another retired judge, where was the hurry, Justice Hegde questioned.
CM Yeddyurappa in the meantime, was about to lose his post, but after a lot of controversies, he has been retained for a while by the BJP High Command on Tuesday. The state govt emboldened by this rescue act has ordered land scams form 1994 onwards (when JD-S and Devegowda ruled) till now to be reopened.
BJP legislators are angry with the Lokayukta in their new mood of confidence in survival. They have criticised Justice Hegde.

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