Mangaluru : Airport staff traced missing wallet from another passanger

11:40 AM, Friday, December 24th, 2021

Airport ScanMangaluru : Coordinated efforts involving staff from Mangaluru International Airport (MIA), Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA), Mumbai and the air support group (ASG) of CISF at the two airports was instrumental in our passenger Mr. David Cordhero re-acquiring his wallet. Mr. David was headed for Mumbai from Mangaluru International Airport with family when another passenger, mistook Mr. David’s wallet to be his post the security hold area (SHA).

The other passenger bound for Amritsar via Mumbai realizing he had picked up the wrong wallet, deposited it immediately with ASG personnel at CSMIA, Mumbai. The ASG personnel handed it over to the lost and found department there. Mangaluru International Airport service quality department in the interim contacted the lost and found department at CSMIA through their counterparts. After getting confirmation from the department there that they indeed had the wallet, Mangaluru International Airport informed Mr. David about the same.

Mr. David who realized that his wallet was missing on reaching Mumbai in the interim had contacted MIA on its email as well as the terminal manager over phone on December 21. He had placed the wallet in a separate tray during the frisking. As there was no entry of a lost wallet being deposited with the lost and found department at MIA, the department informed him accordingly. Mr. David in the interim also rechecked his luggage and informed MIA that his wallet was indeed missing.

Based on this feedback, MIA with help of ASG personnel of CISF reviewed the security footage of the SHA for the date and time of the reported incident. The footage gave the ASG personnel a clue that another passenger had mistakenly picked up Mr. David’s wallet from the scanner machine tray. Mangaluru International Airport and CISF authorities with the help of the airline tracked down this passenger headed for Amritsar via Mumbai.

Mr. David will collect the wallet from CSMIA on December 24 as per procedure. This incident further reinforces commitment of the personnel at the two airports to assist their stakeholders. It was the persistence shown by the various stakeholders at the two airports which resulted in Mr. David getting back his wallet with all the documents within 48-hours of him losing possession of the same.

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