Manipal racers’ Vehicle V3 launched

4:05 PM, Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Team Manipal Racing Manipal: Manipal Racing Team, with their Vehicle V3 is all set to participate in Wisconsin (USA) off-road race competition due to be held from June 7 to 10 in 2012.

The Vehicle is formally launched by Dr. T. Ramdas Pai, Manipal University Chancellor at the health Science library premises on April 30 Monday.

Captain Siddharth Singh, who is also team leader, spoke on the occasion to say it was the third time that MIT students were participating in such on event organised by society of Automotive Engineers, USA.

Team Manipal Racing He described the occasion as a perfect platform to apply engineering Knowledge and skills, in a real world environment.

In 2009, the Manipal team in its first appearance finished the race 97th out of 115 participants 14th in design

At Rochester in 2010, the team was 62nd out of 94. The team was the best on both the occasion from India. There is scope for further raising the rank by improving the new Vehicle, Singh said.

The team has 3b students, in 6 technical and 3 management sections. 2011 event was held in Illinois, but Manipal missed it.

David Furtado is team manager. The Vehicle V3 launched on Monday is far superior than earlier ones, and has been tested very well.

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