Mind-blowing figures of Loss in illegal mining loots since 2000 to 2011

11:29 AM, Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Bellary MiningBangalore: Yes, the state Government has lost Rs4,000 crores in royalty fees by the CMs from Congress(S.M. Krishna and N. Dharam Singh), JD-S (Kumaraswamy) and BJP (B.S. Yeddyurappa) in a decade. In Bellary District, even after the Supreme Court put a ban on illegal mining, the railways have lost crores of rupees and 1.5 lakhs of workers in mines have lost jobs and 2 meals a day.

The Railways department has recorded a measly income of Rs 5,238 crores with a fall of 7%. In 2009-10, 23 million tons of iron ore went out for exports or to steel factories in India. But in 2010-11, there was a major decline and only 16 million tones of ore were transported as per court rules.

The state of Karnataka produced annually 42 MT of iron ore and Bellary had the lion’s share of 35 MT in it. The ban on mining reduced Railway transportation, giving the department a heavy blow of Rs1071 crores loss in this sphere.

In current year ending 31-03-2012, 65 MT iron ore is expected to go out as exports to china or Japan, but last year it stood at 97MT. If export taxes(trade levy) is raised by a government the exports may come down to 50MT only.

There is no difference of opinion about continuing with iron ore exports and transportation under a license without underhand dealings, harm to environment, losses to forestry and resort to illegal mining activity by political power dealers. Karnataka had its worst chapter written on illegal mining by sensdess denuding of forests denuding of forests and resources of earth. This activity has been partially prevented but legal mining should continue fast.

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