MLA Lobo inaugurates National Home Guards Day

9:16 PM, Friday, December 9th, 2016

National Home Guards Day Mangaluru: Mangaluru South Assembly Constituency MLA J R Lobo inaugurated the National Home Guards Day at Police Samudaya Bhavan, Pandeshwar on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion he said that home guard force is a voluntary and disciplined force. To have control in life and to have power discipline is very important.

“Due to some communal disturbances many people are hesitating to invest here in Mangaluru. If a person is discipline then he or she will never create any violence in the society. Discipline is one of the skills which should be developed by each and everyone to be successful in their life,” he said.

National Home Guards Day He further said that home guards are serving parallel to the police force. To maintain the internal security, to help the public during natural calamities they extend their helping hand to the authorities. Everyone should encourage them.

KSRTC Director Sudheer said that as the pay of home guards is very less, youth are not being attracted towards joining it. Salary of the Home Guards should be increased to attract more youth towards the department.

District Commandant Dr Murali Mohan Chuntar and others were present.

National Home Guards Day

National Home Guards Day

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