MRPL accused of dumping chemical wastes in nearby village

11:22 AM, Saturday, December 8th, 2012

MRPLMangalore : Villagers of Moodapadavu near here were virtually terrified to notice trucks from MRPL dumping chemical wastes in a land near a stream flowing in the area. By the time the dumping of wastes came to light, several truck loads of wastes had been dumped and covered with mud.

However, villagers were quick to react and  blocked two trucks and prevented them from dumping the wastes, which they feared was hazardous.  The chemical wastes resembled rod and ball shapes and were dumped in a land earmarked for a playground by the MRPL.

Officials of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board have collected samples of the wastes and the police also reportedly have asked MRPL to remove the waste from the area. However, MRPL officials have claimed that the wastes were non-hazardous and were ‘inert alumina ceramic balls which do not cause any harm.” They also said there was no need for fear as the wastes were dumped in the MRPL land and that such wastes were used as fillers while tarring roads and leveling playgrounds.




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