MSEZ disposal Pipeline in Netravathi: DKCC protest enters waters

6:42 PM, Thursday, December 8th, 2011

MSEZ piplineMangalore: MSEZ authorities are again in the news, for bad reasons. The DKCC has lodged a protest at Jeppinamogaru on December 7 against the waste disposal pipeline laid in Netravathi river by MSEZ contactors, that was actually disallowing fishermen and their fishing boats to pass through the river, under the bridge on Netravathi.

Addressing a hundred protestors in the river KPCC secretary Ivan D’Souza apprehended “Something wrong” with this “pipeline in waters” project. The district administration had not given its permission to the mischief, MSEZ was upto. The Forest and Ecological departments also denied their role. The DK incharge minister said nothing on the tickling issue. Then who did it, local Corporator Nagendra K. asked DC Dr. NCC Gowda.

He (Nagendra) blamed the DC for the whole problem facing fishermen in a river.

He warned DC not to wait till people took law into their hands, to enforce discipline on MSEZ mischief mongers.

Mogaveera leader Devappa Putran informed that since 9 months the issue remained unsolved and burning. Appi and Mithun were among protestors.

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