Pabba’s Ideal Café presents to you, I Thali the Ice Cream Thali!

1:02 PM, Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

ithaliMangaluru: Now the ice cream thali is in the Bharat Mall atracts many ice cream lovers. There are many different types of ice cream in the same thali that has made ice cream lovers happy.

In the South and North Indian Thali style, there is an ice-cream thali. The ice cream thali menu is prepared in the same way as the meal. Owner Mukund Kamath believes that this is not an obstacle for the customers who come to the ice-cream parlor to enjoy lunch.

There are 11 different types of ice cream thali available. Modeled on a traditional Thali, this sumptuous spread of Ice Creams is presented to you on a Banana leaf shaped plate. Each item on the Thali represents a traditional lunch item – Sugar represents Salt, Strawberry Crush represents Pickle, Nuts mixed with Jello represents Kosambari, 4 scoops of Ice Cream (Butterscotch, Strawberry Special, Arabian Delight, Black Currant) represent the curries, Vanilla Ice Cream slab with Gajar Halwa represents Rice with Rasam, I Pizza represents the Sweet, and Marzi Paan represents Paan Beeda.

An order for an ice-cream thali will get all the items at once. A plate ice-cream thali rate of Rs 279. Up to four people can share and enjoy the ice cream thali. The ice cream thali is currently available only at Pabbas Ideal Cafe in Bharat Mall, Mangalore.

Pubbas Ideal Cafe in Mangalore has been known for quality ice cream for decades. Many people are attracted to different types of flavored ice cream. Many movie stars, politicians and celebrities come to Mangalore and have Pabbas ice-cream.

Pabbas is attracting customers with its unique taste. It is customary for all visitors to Mangalore to visit the Pabbas Ideal Cafe and enjoy the ice cream. A favorite destination for kids and students.

This is a wholesome Ice Cream meal for the foodie in you! What are you waiting for? Step into Pabba’s Ideal Café at Bharath Mall, Opposite KSRTC Bus Stand, Bejai, Mangalore and enjoy the I Thali!

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