Plastic speed breakers questioned by Lokayukta

4:43 PM, Monday, May 7th, 2018

plastic-speedMangaluru: Lokayukta P Vishwanatha Shetty has ordered the initiation of a suo-motu proceeding for the investigation against Mangaluru City Corporation and Mangaluru City Police on installation of plastic speed breakers across the city that has been causing inconvenience to commuters.

It all started with a concern raised by a correspondent of a National English daily from the city after which a complaint was filed.

The complaint filed before the Lokayukta states that the Mangaluru City Corporation and Mangaluru City Traffic police have installed 80 speed breakers on about 24 kilometers of arterial roads in the city.

There are 26 speed breakers on the 4 kilometer stretch between Kottara and PVS alone. The speed breakers were erected by the MCC on the advice of Mangaluru City Traffic Police.

The complaint also states that there are two kinds of violations. First, that the speed breakers have been installed on main roads instead of cross roads joining them as mandated by the Indian Road Congress Code(99-1998). Second, that the speed breakers that are installed are plastic, which is not recommended by the IRC on public roads.

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