Playwright VK Kodialbail releases his debut Tulu film on April 17

10:23 AM, Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Asal FilmMangalore: Hindi Play back singer Udit Narayan is singing a song in a Tulu film by writer  Vijay Kumar Kodialbail, is great news to Tuluva film-goers. They have a double delight as SP.Balasubrmaniam also will do so.
The film based a Tulu play ‘Oriyardori Assal’ is likely to have its premiere release in April 2011. The play by Vijay Kumar had successful runs in Mangalore, Mumbai and Gulf region (abroad) in house-full halls. It set a new trend as a play.
Udit’s song comes when the hero from Mumbai asks a Tuluva girl to come to Mumbai as his beloved. SPB is singing in a Tulu film after seven years! The new film will also have Kadri’s Gurukiran as a singer where as he is the music director in Kannada films. Director Kodialbail wanted Udit because he wanted a Mumbai Man’s accent of Tulu in the song sequence! Udit was difficult to get, but after the song he has agreed to do more such songs in a language not known to him still.
Perhaps he knows it is Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai’s Tulu, so we can expect him to sing more in Tulu songs in future.
The present song is a 3 way lyric in Hindi, Tulu and Marathi, to please all fans. It was recorded in 7 hours after corrections in accent.
The director said only 20% of the play went into the film. That shows how a drama is different from a film that has no stage, only sets.
It is V.K.Kodialbail’s maidan directorial venture. The 3 lead actors are well known to Tulu audiences, Naveen Padil, Aravind Bolar and Rajesh Bantwal, who were on stage too.
Kodialbail gushes about his new film that would set a new trend, similar what his play did earlier. All power to his elbows!

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