Police arrested two persons assault on young woman and two others

5:05 PM, Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Putturu LodgePuttur : Police have arrested two persons belonging to a Hindu outfit on the charges of assaulting a young woman who was in the company of two men including a man from another community at a prestigious hotel in Puttur town.

The arrest was made following the complaint lodged by the young woman from Bengaluru who had come to take possession of a car which was in her name and was in police custody. The car was seized at Kemmayi on June 2 after those in the car had tried to obstruct police from doing their duty.

A Hindu outfit had informed the police about the young woman and two men staying in the lodge. However before the police could arrive a large number of people had gathered there. Later the three were taken to the station where the young woman said she was form Halepete in Bengaluru and introduced herself as Rajeshwari.

She lodged a complaint stating she had come with her colleagues, U K Mohammad Arafat of Ullal and Shiva of Kottigeri in Bengaluru in a hired vehicle and had stayed in a lodge on September 18 and that a group assaulted Shiva after abusing all the three while they were having lunch at a restaurant on September 20.

Based on the complaint by the woman, police have arrested two accused.

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