Police released CCTV footage, says violence protests pre-planned

12:56 PM, Tuesday, December 24th, 2019


Mangaluru : CCTV footage that have now emerged of the violence that erupted in the city on December 19, during the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, have raised suspicions that the protesters had pre-planned the violence.

The city police have released few videos, photos of the riot during which protesters pelted stones at police and damaged public property.

The footage shows sacks of stones being bought in a goods tempo and used by protesters for pelting stones at the police.

Yet another footage shows that the protesters tried to break down the doors of an ammunition store near the Bunder station. Any delay on the part of police would have meant that the protesters could have laid their hands on the firearms – over 20 rifles and bullets – kept at the store.

These footage have emerged shortly after the police appealed to the public to share any videos of the rioting incidents to help them in the investigations.

Notably few persons have criticized the police action which claimed two lives on that day.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post, Mangaluru city police thanked citizens of Mangaluru for their overwhelming support for sharing high-quality images of rioteers who formed unlawful assembly and were responsible for widespread violence. We are posting a few of photographs of these rioteers for identification and information about their whereabouts.


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