Pooja Gandhi In Tulu Film

6:58 PM, Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Tulu people and culture simply superb: Pooja Gandhi.

Pooja GandhiMangalore: Gujarathi (Baniya) girl Pooja Gandhi is in Mangalore to do a Tulu film. She learnt Kannada to act in the block-buster “Mungaru Male” (Rainy season), starring Ganesh 3 to 4 years ago. Later she visited the coastal areas for shooting in several Kannada films.
Editors Interview with Pooja Gandhi Now she got a break in a Tulu film under production form R. Dhanaraj. The picture is “Beere Devu Pinje” which had its “Muhurat” performed this week.

Pooja GandhiShe spoke to Mega Media News during this visit recently.

Q: Did you hope you would be in a Tulu language film, Pooja?
A: More than the language of expression, I was attracted to the history behind the story and wanted to act and agreed when the chance came.

Q: How do you learn Tulu?
A: While doing Kannada films, I had problems. Now comes a Tulu film I learn Tulu, by getting to know the meaning of every word tossed at me.

Q: What is the significance of your role here?
A: I am a court dancer in the film. There are both rough and soft feelings in the same role.

Q: Your opinion on Tulu culture?
A: I did come here during the shooting of other films, in Mangalore or Udupi. Tuluva people and their conduct (read culture) are superb. I am proud of doing a role in a Tulu historical film in a debut. It is pleasing!

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