Posadigumpe sacred cave entering ceremony held on Thursday

1:52 PM, Friday, September 2nd, 2016

PosadigumpeUppala: Entering ceremony of historical Posadigumpe sacred cave was held on Thursday at Bayarupadav, Paivalike.

Many devotees took part in the ceremony and the rituals. The ceremony was led by Kana Shrikrishna Bhat . Many devotees collected sacred ash from the cave. Thought the number of devotees was less than previous year, a good number of devotees were seen at the place. Even from Puttur and Bantwal devotees had come to take part in the rituals.

Devotees were led into the cave by dividing them in three groups. First they took special bath chanting ‘Govind Nama’ and they walked towards the cave which is nearly 200 m away from the bathing place.

PosadigumpeLighting the lamp is prohibited in the cave and there is no source of light inside the cave. Devotees held hands of one another and entered cave and collected the ash as ‘Prasadam’.

Though the spirituality among the people is decreasing drastically, every year many people visit this place to offer prayers.



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