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2:42 PM, Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Mega Media News July 15,2021Front

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Mangalore: Mega Media News Kannada Fortnightly is available in online of July 15, 2021 edition. Use the link above to read the Magazine.

* Highlights *
*Netravathi bridge barrier fence started rusting earlier than year
*Other than Daiva Patri and Gadi Pradhana, others cannot hold the divine sword.
*The murder of Vishla Ganiga, because of Husband Ramakrishna had affair with other woman
*The man who used obscenity about Kateel Durga came to the temple and apologized
*Tula Cinema ‘Abatara’ to be Released in October
*Raj Kundra is making crores by blue films throgh Aps
*Assistant Town Planning Officer sentenced five years jail and Rs.34 lakh fine
*Be aware of the Corona third wave effect

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