Rs 6.04 lakh surplus budget for Mangalore City Corporation

8:19 PM, Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Mangalore City Corporation BudgetMangalore: The budget for MCC for the year 2013-2014 was presented at the MCC council meeting on February 14, Thursday by R Shantha, Chairperson of the Standing Committee for Tax, Finance and Appeal. This is the last meeting of the council under the mayorship of Gulzar Banu.

A surplus budget of Rs 6.04 lakh was presented. The MCC is expected a revenue of Rs 257.60 crore during the year. The Corporation anticipated a revenue of Rs 35 crore from water bills, Rs 29 crore from property tax, Rs 15 crore by way of solid waste fees and Rs 7.26 crore by way of developmental fees. All the accrued funds would be utilised for developmental works along with the grants sanctioned by the government.

Shantha informed that out of the total revenue earned, Rs 3 crore would be meant for the new vented dam under construction at Tumbay, She said the dam construction would be completed in March 2014. A sum of Rs 25 crore would be meant for solid waste management and Rs 17.95 crore for welfare schemes.

The contract for the door to door collection of wastes has been given to eight contractors.

Reservations: The Urban Development Department has announced reservation for the Mangalore City Corporation. During the next elections, 50 per cent of the seats would be reserved for women. Of the 30 seats, there will be reservation for SC, ST candidates as well as candidates from BC ‘A’ and ‘B’ categories.

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