Sea Turtles (Olive Ridley type) bred on West Coast at Maravanthe beach

1:20 PM, Saturday, January 14th, 2012

turtlesKundapura: It is not only in Orissa on beach, but also in Hemmady that turtles have nesting period, and 95 sea turtle young ones Came out of eggs and crawled to the Arabian sea at Sea land beach, near Maravanthe this week.

The olive Ridley turtle eggs were looked after for 52 days by FSL India volunteers, well-known for protecting sea turtles from nesting period to hatching period by warmth.

The eggs are placed in sand pits by mother turtles. Activists for FSL India witnessed the whole programme along with forest officials, and fishermen apart from some interested foreign naturologists.

Every year, the nesting period comes round between September and March, in 60 days of hatching thereafter.

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