Shootout at Cargo parcel office, owners son critically injured

9:13 PM, Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

vaishnavi-cargo Mangaluru : Vaishnavi X’press Cargo Private Limited’s owner Rajesh Prabhu fired gunshots at his Car drivers after  a heated exchange of words, but it hit on Prabhu’s son Sudheendra, who was standing nearby at his office Morgans Gate in Mangaluru on October 5 evening.

The 15-year-old boy Sudheendra was admitted to a private hospital.

It is said, Rajesh Prabhu and his son were at home on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, Prabhu’s wife telephoned him and informed that two of the drivers from the company, Chandra and Ashraf, had come to the office and were verbally abusing. Soon after, Prabhu and his son both rushed to the spot.

vaishnavi-cargo  The police said an employee of the firm had come to seek his salary from Rajesh Prabhu, owner of the firm. Following a heated exchange of words, Prabhu opened fire at the employee.

The employee managed to evade the bullet, which hit Prabhu’s son Sudheendra, who was standing nearby. Sudheendra was hit on the head.

Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar went to the hospital to check on the teenager.

Rajesh Prabhu


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