Shourya a Darshan film

10:35 PM, Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Mangalore: In a remake of a Telugu film of the same name (in Telugu), Darshan dominates throughout in talks, dances and fight scenes. The lanky guy fits the role like a hand glove.
He does Comic scenes with Sadhu Kokila in the first half and gets down to business in emotions in the next half, to please his fans. The script is fast and his dynamism adds value to the pace. Sadhu k. Supports him fairly.

Flash back portions hold the audience in spell. The music is disappointing. Remarks do not allow character actors to grow, and Sadhu is incased in his comedy, not his own. Dialogues with punchlines from Darshan may please viewers.
Apart from Darshan and Sadhu, there are Madalasa, Reema Worah, Villain Sampath and others who make good impressions. The story is about a police officer who fights and subdues anti-social gangsters. Ramesh Babu does excellent photography. Editing is crisp, songs are choreographed nicely. On the whole, paisa vasool!

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