Some directors are misleading producers: Prakash Pandeshwar

10:42 AM, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Prakash PandeshwarMangaluru : He is a journalist, but now he is a director. A paper ran successfully for eleven years under his leadership, now he is waiting to for August 5 to release his first ever directed movie. He is none other than Chief Editor Jaya Kirana news daily and Director of ‘Dabak Daba Aisa’ Tulu movie, Prakash Pandeshwar.

Here is an exclusive interview of Prakash Pandeshwar for the readers of MegaMediaNews. He openly claims that some of the producers are being cheated by the directors. Let’s see what he said.

Prakash PandeshwarQ. What is the reason behind decrease in the quality of some of the movies in Coastalwood?
Ans: Basically the script must be good enough to catch the attention of people. It should bring the people to the theatre. Some of the directors will go to a producer and mislead them by assuring great profit. Film industry is like a game of cards. You might be in profit some time, but you may be in losing side also. Some directors provoke the producers to invest their money on his script, saying that the producers can double their money only by investing in one movie. I won’t say that every directors do that, but some does so.

Even producers also should have basic knowledge about the film industry before investing their money. They should know where they are investing and how much they are investing.

Q. Being a journalist what made you to be a director?
Ans: In fact I wanted to be an actor. Since my childhood I was attracted by the movies and film industry. It was my dream to work in a movie. But I couldn’t become an actor; I got the opportunity to direct the artists. I am happy with that.

Q. What are the specialities in Dabak Daba Aisa?
Ans: It’s a comedy thriller movie. The people of coastal Karnataka like more comedy in the movies. We haven’t shown any sort of vulgarity in any part of movie. The viewers can enjoy the movie with their family. I assure that it is a family entertainer. The team haven’t compromised with the quality. It is a must watch movie.

Q. How was your experience as a debutant director?
Ans: It was really good. I enjoyed directing. In fact there were top artists of this district in the team like Devdas Kapikad, Naveen D Padil, Aravinda Bolar and Bojaraj Vamanjoor. I was a bit nervous in the initial stage, but I had a clear idea about the movie. I just implemented my ideas and it was a great success.
To be frank in some of the previous Tulu movies the lead actors haven’t came out of the drama acting. In Dabak Daba Aisa people will see only the natural acting, without any overt expressions. It was a great experience to work with Tulu drama legends.

Q. Any new faces in Dabak Daba Aisa?
Ans: I have taken many faces in the movie. The new artists should be encouraged. So, the young generation might get attracted towards the Tulu film industry.

Q. Do you have any idea to direct movies in any other film industries?
Ans: Of course I have planned for it. If I get a good script in Kannada, I will say cut and action in Kannada film industry also. In fact I have my own script. I am just waiting for a better moment. I cannot exactly say that I will do this movie in Kannada, but one fair day I will surely direct one Kannada movie.

Q. How was Chali Polilu movie’s success?
Ans: It was a great success. It broke almost all the records of coastalwood. It ran for more than 500 days, minting 2.85 crore. The great thing of Dabak Daba Aisa is most of the Chali Polilu team actors are present in Dabak Daba Aisa also.

Q. Do you think that Tulu drama’s has been sidelined by Tulu movies?
Ans: Certainly not. Still there are Tulu drama fans who watch only drama. Many drama companies do exist now also. In Mangaluru the number of drama played might be lesser than any other places, but it is not because of Tulu movies. It is because Mangaluru City Corporation has increased the rent of Town Hall. The organisers are stepping backward to pay a huge amount for one show.

Q. Is there any registered association for the Tulu film industry?
Ans: No, at present there is no such association for entire Tulu film industry, but there is an association of producers. We are holding talks to register the producers association and making it a permanent one.

Even artists are also free to express their grievances in front of the producers association. The association will consider it seriously.

Q. A cut-out of Dabak Daba Aisa will be the second biggest cut-out in Karnataka. What do you say about it?
Ans: We had planned to do something unique so that the people may get attracted towards the movie. The poster will be a height of 40 feet. Actually we are posting Naveen D Padil in it. The previous biggest cut-out was placed inside a theatre, but this one we are placing at a public place. So, this becomes first ever biggest cut-out displayed in a public area.

Q. What are the plans to release the movie?
Ans: We are planning for a worldwide release of Dabak Daba Aisa. Talks are going to host the shown in different countries also. We are planning it to release in Dubai, Bahrain, London, United States, Mumbai, Bengaluru and here in Mangaluru on July 5 itself. Let’s hope for the best.

Q. Finally, some words for Tulu movie fans, in your style
Ans: People of Mangaluru have blessed me before also. I hope that they will like Dabak Daba Aisa also. I request the public to come to the theatre ad watch the movie along with their family. The movie will not disappoint you. I hope you people will not let me down.

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Dabak DabaIsha Aisa


Dabak DabaIsha Aisa

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