Specially decorated temple in JP Nagar uses Corona medicine, kits

2:40 PM, Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Tablets Decoration Bangaluru : Devotees were thrilled to discover on Saturday after they witnessed Sri Sathya Ganapathi Shiradi Sai Temple in JP Nagar decorated with three lakh pills, 10 thousand masks, and two thousand sanitizers on Guru Purnima day.

“The decoration in Corona-related medicines and kits was done with a view to raising public awareness of the Pandemic’s third wave and for the benefit the people in need of these”, program manager and trustee of Sri Sathya Ganapathi Shiradi Sai Temple, Ram Mohan Raj, said.

“After preparing the kits for about four days, we will be delivering the kits to the people”, he added.

Tablets Decoration Member of the Parliament from South Bangalore Tejaswi Surya praised this special decoration. Instead of spending lakhs of Rupees on decoration which then goes to waste, embellishing the temple with items that will then be used for consumption is a very thoughtful ac. Former deputy mayor Rama Mohan Raj, who has taken a different view in this regard, he said.

Kavita, a devotee who arrived at the temple said coming to the temple after relaxation of the lockdown and witnessing such a thoughtful decoration was a delight.

Tablets Decoration

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