Tulu film title ‘Rampa’ changed to ‘Sompa’

2:53 PM, Friday, July 27th, 2012

Tulu film title ‘Rampa’ changed to ‘Sompa’ Mangalore: The upcoming tulu comedy film ‘Rampa’ directed by Rajan Lyallpuri and produced by Namratha Hegde Films Productions, which belongs to actresses Namratha Hegde and Geetha Hegde has changed its film title to ‘Sompa’, said artiste Thamma Lakshmana.

Speaking at the press meet held at Press Club on July 27, Friday, he said that the previous title ‘Rampa’ has been objected by the family members of J Ramappa Poojary, who is popularly known as ‘Rampa’ in Mangalore.

He also said that the family members of Rampanna had requested the film team to change the name of film, since it is a comedy film and would hurt the feelings of his families.

He said that there is no incident in the film which is related to life of Rampa, but the name is used only once where the person gives his introduction. Title was given since the character had qualities of Lord Rama and nothing connected to Mangalore’s Rampa.

Since the title Rampa was not used anywhere in the film, the film will not need to have any changes and will release in the same given time. But will face little financial loss, he said.

The present title ‘Sompa’ is not related to the film, but had to change to protect the feelings of his family. After the film is released, the family will surely regret for changing the title, since the film showed all the greatness of the character, he added.

Rampanna’s family member Dinesh Anchan said that though the film do not have the sequence related to Rampanna anywhere in the film, the title would directly hit his image and family members because the title itself gives the idea to the people of Rampa, who is popular with many jokes.

Dinesh also said that the family had assured to give some amount of money to incur the loss cause by the family to the film team.

The cast in ‘Sompa’ includes Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Namratha Hegde, Aravind Bolar, Ajathashatru, Ravi Suratkal, Chandravathi Vasanth, Prabhakar Shetty, Shobha Shetty, Shashiraj Kavoor, and others.

Actor Aravind Bolar, producer Geetha Hegde and J Ramappa Poojary’s elder brother’s son J Narayana Poojary were also present at the press meet.


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