Two men kidnapped class 11 student, raped in a forested area

2:29 PM, Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Rape Lucknow  : A Class 11 student on her way to see her mother who was admitted to Jalaun district hospital was kidnapped by two men, dragged to a forested area and raped in Orai town, the police said on Friday. She lost consciousness at some point and was left there by the two.

The two men, however, were eventually traced via their Facebook profile photo. The two were arrested using social media, said Jalaun superintendent of police, Yashveer Singh,

Police said the girl recalled that when the two men were dragging her to the forest, one of the two men had called the other by his name. The rape survivor remembered his name but had no other information to share.

Someone came up with the idea of checking out Facebook profiles of people by the name. Finally, she found one of them.

Gaurav Soni, who drives a three-wheeler in Orai for a living, was arrested from his house. He identified his accomplice as his friend Neeraj Soni. Neeraj was arrested by the police after carrying out raids at several locations.

The two men were being charged for rape and under Section 3/4 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, the police said.

The teenager’s mother had fallen ill earlier on Thursday and was rushed to the hospital by her father. The girl, who had been alone at home, also left for hospital around midnight, police said.

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