Veerendra Heggade expressed condolences over Abdul Kalam death

11:26 AM, Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Kalam DarmasthalaMangaluru : Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari D Veerendra Heggade expressed condolences over the death of former president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and said the nation has lost one of the great personalities of the century who had excelled both in science and knowledge.

Expressing condolences on the death of renowned scientist and 11th President of India, Heggade said Kalam had visited Dharmasthala thrice and every time he came with new lessons for kids. Once Kalam, who is popularly known as ‘people’s president’ was invited to a stamp exhibition competition organised for kids. “We doubted that Kalam may not come as it was ak small event. But, our guess proved wrong as Kalam turned up for the event and addressed the kids and read the notes written on stamps,” he said.

The programme finished one hour earlier than the schedule. Soon Kalam said his flight was at 2 pm and there is still one and half hours of time. “I don’t want to waste that time by sitting in the airport. I will address students. Organise a programme immediately”.

“We contacted SDM Law College, Mangaluru, immediately and organised an interaction programme with students. Kalam delivered lecture for more than one hour. I express deep condolences for the death of a great personality who didn’t waste even a minute in his life, who saw India’s future in children, who had a clear ideas for the prosper of the country,” Heggade added.

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