VHP and Bajrangadal activists hold a protest rally before DCO in city on Dec 24

7:27 PM, Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

VHP and Bajrangadal Mangalore : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrangdal volunteers held a protest rally infront of DCO on 24 afternoon against the groups of Muslim hooligans involved in kidnapping a boy and a Bhihari girl for ransom money of rupees 25 lakhs after forcing them in compromising positions of sex and taking photographs, threatening them to put the pictures on internet there by insulting the entire student community in and around Deralakatte and Mangalore University area.

Speakers like Jagadish Shenava of VHP told the rally that the city police should arrest the entire gang of love Jihad miscreants and further investigation should be done by COD in Bangalore to root out the evil atmosphere several University and their student in Deralakatte and Mangala Gangotri as early as possible.

Jeetendra Kottari of VHP , Manohara Tulajaram District president of VHP, Gopal Kuttar Secretary of VHP, Bhujanga Kulal of Bajrangadal, Sharn Pumpwel and other leaders took part in the protest rally against unlawful and inhuman Muslim gangsters .

VHP and Bajrangadal


VHP and Bajrangadal

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