Decently dressed young girls take to begging in style in Mangaluru

10:18 PM, Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Young beggars Mangaluru : Claiming to be from Rajasthan some girls wearing decent clothes were seeking financial help from people on the streets in Mangaluru.

They are a gang of six to seven approach to people  that they are students from Rajasthan,  and have lost everything in their native place.

It was written appeal, they moved around with and place it before people and explain sorrowful stories and seek help. They normally choose young people  and students in the vicinity of schools and college.

No individual in group have any identity card on them, to prove their bonafides.

After a video footage was published on Facebook, of these gang of girls “begging”, police personnel led them, yesterday the 1st August, to Kadri police station where they registered a case and sent them away with a warning.

Sowraj, who posted the video,  claims that these gang of women, are in city last eight months. The approach people with a list of donors by adding a zero to the amount collected, to convince the others and aim for ask for more amount.

Kadri police said that a petty case for begging was registered and after a warning were let off. The rationale behind such a move by the police is not known.

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