Curtains have been drawn to Siddu resignation issue, says Oscar

7:58 PM, Friday, June 8th, 2012

SiddaramaiahMangalore: AICC General Secretary Oscar Fernandes has said that curtains have been drawn on the issue of the resignation of Siddaramaiah as opposition leader in the state.

Speaking to reporters during his visit to St Agnes College in Mangalore to campaign in favour of Congress candidates for graduates and teachers constituency, Oscar said the Siddaramaiah resignation issue is a closed chapter. He said Siddaramaiah had neither resigned from the party nor had said he will quit the party. He had only resigned from the post of opposition leader. He has already spoken to party president Sonia Gandhi and the issue is now closed chapter, he added.

On the government plans to have English medium in government schools, he said this is the question of a language and we need to see that our children are not deprived of education. He also emphasized the need for a debate on the issue.

Mayor Gulzar Banu, Congress leaders PV Mohan, TK Sudhir, Naveen D’Souza, Ivan D’Souza and others were present.

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