CWG on the brink: Save the situation.

8:23 PM, Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Manmohan singhNew Delhi: The UPA govt, led by PM Manmohan Singh is still in shivers, although the cold season is yet to set in.
There are only accusing fingers around Delhi congress cabinet led by Sheila Dixit, and the UPA of which congress is the leading party.
It is a thankless job, and an unenviable position for the ruling congress in Delhi. There is no time left now. Continuous grinding form of engineering work may complete the job, but rubbish heaps are likely to show their ugly faces in all corners of the CWG village.
It has to be taken as a mighty challenge now (Sept.27 to Oct.3) to complete all the pending works, and use this baleful hard experience, for all future events in India as a guiding force.
The next 7 days are crucial for every Delhite who would like to help CWG Managers venues as a Volunteer Adverse publicity has to end. There are 1976 Montréal Games and 1996 Atlanta Olympics before our Congress leaders in Delhi, as cruel jokes. New Delhi must not emulate them in execution and sports managements.
Common citizens of Delhi should be allowed to go in and watch the races. Where tickets are beyond the reach of commoners, there has to be a reduced rate, to watch indoor games like chess, badminton shuttle and table tennis, to encourage sport events.
The number of participating sportsman coming from 50 nations, may be getting less and less, but still the opening days sports parade on Oct.4 could be a mile long one with about 5,000 participants in their national or other dresses (in uniform), with a flag bearer. The March will be colourful.
It is conscious, deliberate, pious, and a humble determined belief, that every athlete or player or sportsman inside the stadium or at the swim pools, will do his best and secure a medal for his / her performance in a team or as an individual of any country in CWG gram.
India’s pride has been hurt in this version of CWG, but everyone hopes, that sports people will carry ultimately the best of memories on their performance in an autumn season in India.

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