Following price hikes in petroleum products, Autorickshow fares may go up soon.

9:39 PM, Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
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Mangalore : It looks like a corollary to the price rise in gas and oils that vehicles use, when Autorickshaws demand more, like Oiliver (I mean, Oliver) Twist for the first one or 2 kms. when we need them on city roads.
They (drivers) are the sons of the soil and come to know every news that pinches them in the city. When the oil rates are raised by Central Govt, the auto drivers are the first to study the implications. It appears that the auto vehicles rates were revised upwards 2 years ago in 2008. the rate which was Rs. 7 a few years earlier, has gradually risen to Rs. 10 to Rs.14 or Rs. 15 at present. The minimum rate is for 1.5 kms, distance only. Every km. thereafter there was an increase of Rs.2. now the Auto Unions are demanding Rs 15 as the minimum fare and Re.1 more per every km. thereafter DC.V. Ponnuraj is grapping with the issue as chief of RTA.


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