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Six gangsters Vs. two college students in Kidnap incident: ransom money saved

1:18 PM, Friday, December 20th, 2013
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kidnap gls

Mangalore: Two students a male from Kerala and the female from Bihar were victims of a gang of 6 rowdies who kidnapped them in a car and took indecent pictures to force them to pay Rs.30,000 in ransom, were allowed by the gang to go to their house and bring the money to Deralakatte were several colleges exist, and asked them to pay the ransom money at a particular fixed place.

The duo went to their home and privately telephone to the local city police about the gang’s activities. The police took immediate steps to catch the gangsters, laid a trap at Deralakatte for the gangsters to arrest them when the money was changing hands.

Somehow, the gang of kidnappers suspected that the ransom money would attract them only to fall in to a police net and they were careful to come in a car, and when the waiting policemen were about to nab them, they went back to the car and fled away leaving the policemen high and dry.

The boy from Kerala and the girl from Bihar from one of the colleges in Deralakatte in the kidnap drama had to go home without their photos taken in indecent poses by the gangsters, but holding on to the ransom money that the gangsters could not get.

No arrests have been made so far by local police.

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