May 7th: ‘Photo Voter’s Slip’ at polling booth itself

4:38 PM, Saturday, May 5th, 2018
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sesikanth-senthilMangaluru: BLO’s will visit house to house and distribute ‘Photo Voter’s Slip’ to all voters in Dakshina Kannada district by May 6th. For the remaining slips and voters who are yet to collect their slips can make use of the opportunity of collecting the ‘Photo Voter’s Slip’ from BLO’s at their respective polling booths on May 7th.

Any slip remaining after May 7th will be handed over to the election registration officer (ERO). After this, the ‘Photo Voter’s Slip’ will not be distributed, informed D.K. district Commissioner Sashikant Senthil.

Speaking at a press meet he said, “On the day of election, the slip will not be given for any reason. But, if a pre procured slip exists, no other document is required for casting ones vote. If the voter does not have the slip, he must compulsorily provide any proof of identity document. If an individual’s name does not reflect on the voters list, he will not be given the opportunity to cast his vote,” he said.

“For this time’s election, 10,980 polling staff has been recruited. Of them 3,992 are men and 6,988 are women. The staff includes state and central government employees and bank employees. Group D workers, drivers and police staff will also work along with them. 20% of the staff has been retained for additional requirement,” he informed.

To the question on the allegation that duplicate names have been added to the voter’s list he replied, “That is not easy. If in case that has happened, during the time of election, when the voter arrives to cast ones vote and the voter’s list is examined, the error will come to light.

This time, the voter’s list is been printed with the photo and other important information. When the voter shows ones voter ID or a document of proof of identity, the photos on the document and that on the voter’s list will be examined for resemblance. Also the residential address will be observed. Therefore, even if duplicate voters have been added to the voter’s list, it will be extremely difficult to cast such a vote,” he explained.

“ Yelaneeru in Belthangady is the farthest polling booth in Dakshina Kannada district. The polling booth is at a distance of 120kms to reach via Malavantike. All facilities for the effective polling will be installed here. In the same way facilities will be provided at Banjarumale polling booth too. “

“May 5th is the last day to apply for postal vote and postal votes are the first votes that are counted during the time of voting counting. Postal votes will be scrutinized by use of bar code scanning system,” he informed.

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