Splendid rainfalls in 5 districts in drought areas of north Karnataka

5:10 PM, Thursday, April 5th, 2012
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rain in bhatkalHubli: While ex-CM Yeddyurappa took CM DVS Gowda’s government to task, and Gowda issued a proclamation of “strict Vigilance” over draught conditions for the next 60 days until monsoon turned up, on Wednesday April 4 it rained hailstones and balls of ice in 4 districts, lashed by heavy rains on Wednesday as a God-send.

Whereas Bijapur, a district with 6 rivers, had rains in select places, it was cats and dogs raining with hailstones, in 4 other  districts of Gadag, Dharwad, Bagalkot and Belgaum on Wednesday.

Belgaum city, Khanapura,  Hukkeri and Ramdurga, besides Batakurki sounded with icicles in heavy showers, due to sudden cooling of atmosphere with a rising temperature.

The ice stones were of the size of lemons, people collecting them said. Traffic came to a sudden stand-still and a cottage near Raibagh-Chinchali road caught fire, when a bolt struck it.

There were no lives lost, in spite of thunderbolts, on Tuesday night. Powerlines did not work for hours. Athani bathed in rains after a perspiring hot day.

Murugundi had good showers for people, as a relief from cruel heat.

An Ox Died by lightning in Bijapur taluk, while a farmer was injured. A barn was on fire at Harnala.

Light showers fell in Indi and Sindgi Gadag had forceful rains for 30 minutes.

Bagalkot’s share was 10 minutes of rains. Kundgol in Dharwad had icicles. Hubli city had light showers in a sense of relief.

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