Mangalore University professor suspended for sexual harassment

12:35 PM, Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Mangalore : Mangalore University Prof. Tippeswamy, of Biosciences Department of has been suspended based on the complaint filed by two research scholars for sexually harasseing them.

Vice Chancellor of Mangalore University Prof. T. C. Shivashankara Murthy said that the professor will be suspended till the completion of enquiry regarding the case. He said that suspension is inevitable in cases of sexual harassment, explaining that if the concerned person is not suspended, the victims will find it difficult to depose before the committee.
Two Junior Research Fellows (JRF) at Mangalore University had quit their projects, complaining of sexual harassment from Prof Tippeswamy of the Biosciences Department. One of them was from Delhi and the other was from Mangalore. They had complained to the Governor and Chancellor of the University H. R. Bharadwaj and Vice Chancellor T. C. Shivashankar Murthy. The two had been working on their projects from the past 11 months.

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