Mimicry Rahman of Konaje is here to split your sides in laughter.

12:36 PM, Friday, July 23rd, 2010
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Mimicry Rahman

Mimicry Rahman

Mangalore : Humour is a delightful skill and art, and few come good in practising it before audiences or on the small screen or school stage. Here is a youngman of 24, known as mimicry artiste Rahman of Konaje who has done imitating voices (of birds and men) since his third Standard till now. Such an artiste can be depended upon to drive away your blues, or to relieve you of stress and loneliness, and make you a social being.

Rahman started with imitating voices of birds, animals and film actors for a large measure at a young age, and has developed his skills in mimicry and humour over the 20 years.

What was an unknown talent and perhaps hobby, developed after he reached VIth standard to make him an accomplished artiste in Mimicry.

Son of K.H.Hussain and Patunha couple, Rahman is fourth among 5 kids and wrote 6 short plays in his teens. These little plays that entertained hundreds of viewers gave him a new opening as a playwright, “Gadibidi Bros”, “Satya Panle”, are the plays that kept audiences spell bound.

He imitates voices of film actors now such as Sudeep, Jaggesh, Shankar Nag, Raj Kumar, Tennis Krishna, Rangayana Raghu and so on. He can also bring out voices of some political leaders like Mallikarjuna Kharge and S. Bangarappa.

He has imitated Naveen D. Padil and Bhoja Vamanjoor in his mimicry shows. Recently he gave voice to Naveen Padil in a short film “Sahana” in a scene. He likes mimicry, playwriting, acting and dancing. His shows have taken place in Hassan, Shimoga, Mangalore and such other cities of Karnataka.

He speaks Beary, Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu, Hindi and acts in these shows. He dwells on the evil effects of smoking and drinking liquor, dowry demands etc, in his plays for good measure. His street plays and short plays also deal with love couples with a message.

Rahman, the artiste, had to face his communal fury and parental dissent in early days of his talent shows.
But he did not take it to heart but continued with his art and shows. Presently his parents and relatives are on his side and give support to his talents.

He has given performances not only on the stage in several places, but in TV channels, Akashvani, and FM radio channels as well. The organizers pay him Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 per show. He makes a living by getting publicity advertisements for a cable TV in city.
He has given mimicry shows for the benefit of physically disabled and ladies’ groups, as part of his social work.
He needs encouragement to bloom into a full fledged mimicry showman and dramatist.   Mega Media News called him to the office and interviewed him on Thursday, July 22. He has plans to make an hour long video .

Mimicry Rahman Video

[flv:http://www.megamedianews.in/videos/rhman.flv 440 300]


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