Sonia Gandhi gets court summons for insulting Hindus:

10:32 PM, Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
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New Delhi : On July 29, a Bihar court has summoned AICC & UPA chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, MP and UP Congress chief Ms. Rita Bahuguna to answer charges.
M.K. Srivastav, district judge of Muzaffarpur (where George Fernandes got elected to Lok Sabha years ago) has promulgated a notice to the two women for portraying the UPA chief Sonia as Durga Matha, a great and beloved goddess and wife of Lord Shiva to pious Hindus, thus insulting their faith, it is stated. The two women are called to the court on Thursday, July 29 to answer why Sonia Gandhi’s photos have appeared in various parts of Uttara Pradesh in the form of  Durga Devi, thus hurting pious Hindu sentiments, as an act of mischief. During Bangla Desh war, India Gandhi had been similarly portrayed after she defeated Pakistan in 1971. Lawyer Sudhir Oza had complained to the court in this matter.


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