3 eclipses in a month-2 solar and one lunar (June 15)

6:43 PM, Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

sun eclipsMangalore: Three eclipses occur in June month /July1, one of them on June 1, on Wednesday, on dark moon day, and it will be the solar eclipse (tomorrow).
On full moon day, June 15, there will be a lunar eclipse, and later, as on July’, again a solar eclipse takes place on a dark fortnight (Amavasya). Only the lunar eclipse will be visible in India on June 15, while the solar eclipses take place at the 2 Poles of the earth, north and south. The incidence of 2 solar eclipses within a month’s period, is said to be a rare occurrence, and it is the first in 2011, all over the world. They will be partial. The solar eclipse on June1 hits North Pole at north Alaska (USA), north Canada, Greenland, Iceland and north East Asian parts.
The July’ solar eclipse touches southern Atlantic an Indian Ocean meeting points on Antarctica coast. The June 15 lunar eclipse, seen in India by eager scientists and students of Astronomy, will be a total eclipse from 11-53 Pm (midnight) to its mid-time 1-53 Am, and its departure at early down period at 3-33 Am on June15. It is covering Europe, Africa, Asia (except North-eastern parts), Australia, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica areas. The almanac books suggest that the lunar eclipse is harmful to people of Dhanu (Moola) and some other stars (groups). Women, Brahmins and officers will be troubled, besides the rich classes, artists and models, and even valiant persons can be hurt. The full lunar eclipse repeats on December 10 this year on the Full Moon day, astrologers indicated. People visit temples, and conduct charitable acts to reduce the evil effects of such eclipses. This is no superstition. They also look at the eclipse in wonder.

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