Auto rickshaw drivers pampered and commuters hampered by state transport authorities.

10:16 PM, Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Bangalore : The existing auto fare last week was Rs 13 and for every extra km Rs. 7 or so. But from Monday onwards, it will Rs. 17 for every 2 meters and Rs 9 more from the 3rd km, as agreed by benevolent transport minister R. Ashok in Bengaluru and Mangaluru as well.
The Auto rickshaw wallas were up in arms last week and had a series of protest meets and had a series of protest meets and confrontations with the Govt, and had to announce the new tariff. His proposal of minimum fare of Rs 17 and extra Rs 8.50 per km went unheeded and had to be dropped. Even the time given (Aug 1) on which it was to come into effect was refused, so it is now force as Rs. 17 and 9 from 3rd km onwards. You need a 50Rs, note to move around the city for 4 kms now.
The govt, while agreeing to higher fares as dictated by the representatives of Auto rickshaw associations who met the Minister to exert pressure on him, has insisted on digital meters with a subsidy of Rs 1000 for every driver to change his vehicle meter compulsorily.
Ashoka also stated that his govt directive on a single glass pane, instead of 3 panel wind shields in all vehicles, stands.
Poor commuters, senior citizens, and patients (or mothers-to-be) visiting hospitals ask the auto drivers, “would you go wherever we want?”,  “would you stop abusive language or bad behaviour?” and “would you stop excess meter fare from 7 pm or as early as that?’
Let them drivers come in a procession to DCO and answer those questions.

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