Border roads opens up to Kerala from Dakshina Kannada

12:13 PM, Monday, August 17th, 2020

Kerala roadMangaluru : Dakshina Kannada district administration has opened all border roads that connect to Kerala.

Following a rise in Covid-19 cases in Kerala, all border roads were closed since mid-March. Later, amid rising pressure from people, the border at Talapady was opened for the movement of people with passes.

DK Deputy Commissioner Dr Rajendra K V said those who wish to travel to Dakshina Kannada for day-to-day activities should avail monthly pass from the respective Gram Panchayat-TMC-Town Panchayat and furnish their details while entering and exiting from the check post. The daily travellers will have to undergo screening daily at the check post along with a medical test as per the guidelines of the health department.

Those from Kerala, who wish to stay in Dakshina Kannada should mandatorily apply under Seva Sindhu portal to avail pass and enter the district via Talapady and Jalsur check post. All should adhere to the Covid-19 quarantine guidelines of the Karnataka government, said the DC.

Dakshina Kannada district administration has cleared the heaps of soil dumped on the road in border areas connecting Kerala. The mud was dumped to check the movement of people in order to contain the spread of Covid-19.

On the direction of the authorities, the soil was cleared at Karopadi and other bordering areas in the district.

Following the direction of the previous DC, the soil was dumped on the roads at Karopadi, Perodi cross, Muguli, Betha, Kodla and other places.

Meanwhile, hundreds of employees from Kasargod working in various sectors in Dakshina Kannada have initiated an online campaign with the hashtags #free movement #Unlock3In Kasargod.

They have been demanding free movement between Kasargod and Mangaluru. The Twitter campaign initiated by Sahayathri said, “Earlier, Karnataka restricted our movement. Now, Kerala does not allow us to go. We are being separated from our job and other work.”

They said that there are a lot of restrictions for availing passes to travel to Mangaluru.

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