Cell (mobile) phones can be dangerous in overuse.

8:20 PM, Friday, August 6th, 2010

Desk : Today a child also uses mobile phones to talk to parents in office when it is in a children’s camp. But over-use of mobile cell phones can be dangerous to the ear and brains of those who indulge in them day and night for long hours, encouraged by the industrial giants to go on talking on those phones. You feel like a fool when making gestures unseen by the person you talk to, while walking on the road or seated in a moving bus. There are restrictions on bus drivers talking on phone while driving, as emotions could go wrong and get inflamed, ending in accident or disaster.
The World Health Organisation, which has conducted its survey on kids and young people has warned against ill-health and mass apprehensions. In its inter-phone report published recently, WHO warned that the human body may develop diseases, affecting brain as a Cancerous growth. It regards even a 30 minute continuous talk on cell phone as overuse’ or as indulgence which youth may disregard with a laugh., but Glaucoma is possible Tumours appear on the ears used for cell talks. Beware!.

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