Concrete road sign boards lie on the ground..!

10:33 AM, Thursday, October 18th, 2018

mahatma-gandhiMangaluru: On one side the city is changing into a Smart City and on the other side, the basic facilities that are vital for a city are inadequate. A good example for this would be the broken down concrete road sign board lying on the ground at several layouts in the city.

Most of the concrete road sign boards installed at many places in the city where the road diverges from the main road to the inner roads exists only for namesake having fallen prey to lack of maintenance. Due to this, visitors to the city find it very hard to locate the route to the residences of their acquaintances, relatives and friends. But, the people’s representatives and the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) which should rectify the problem are choosing to ignore it.

During its last term, MCC installed the concrete road sign boards at important locations in the city in an attempt to make it easier for the people to find their way to the various locations on the city. Following this, the problem with the concrete road sign boards for main roads was resolved. But, now a similar problem has struck the inner roads in the city. At some places, only empty concrete road sign boards remain, since the name painted on it has long lost its trace. Therefore there is a need for it to be painted to signify the name of the road and the direction.

At a few places, the concrete road sign boards have been completely uprooted and lie on the ground. The concrete road sign boards are down due to accidents or some other reason. The City corporation has shown no signs of interest to repair the downed concrete road sign boards.

The information painted on several concrete road sign boards have disappeared. The concrete road sign boards which are installed for the benefit of the people, are soon overrun by advertisement posters. It is the responsibility of MCC to at least henceforth, take action against such erroneous advertisers.

Most of the inner road concrete road sign boards have become dysfunctional because of lack of management. People in these limits are also not interested to bring this to the notice of MCC. This is so because they already have information on the road. But the concrete road sign boards are much more useful for people coming from outside. There is need for MCC officials to take notice of this issue.

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